Intelligent IoT Platform

Akiro is an end-to-end secure & highly scalable IoT cloud platform,
which is designed and built to solve modern-day smart device needs.

Akiro helps you manage your Device communications,
AI & Realtime Analytics on your device data and Device lifecycle management.

Our Striking Features

Our cloud scale messaging platform is chock full of features.


Low Latency

Akiro is architected for low latency and high throughput.

Scalable & Reliable

Akiro’s lightweight broker scales more than 10 million connected devices.

Low Operating cost

Akiro is fully automated self serve platform that runs on low infrastructure footprint.

Enterprise Integration

Akiro platform is virtualising the messaging infrastructure through APIs which makes it easy to integrate with any Enterprise systems.

Any Cloud

Akiro is built on open standards that allows the platform to be deployed to any cloud private, public or hybrid.

Easy Governance

Akiro’s in-built monitoring, alerting and self healing mechanism with very intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage the platform.

Use cases of Akiro

Akiro has varied functions and uses, ranging from
Automobile to Home Automation.

Automobile: Connected Cars

Akiro implemented using MQTT protocol is rightly designed to move high velocity data between engine management unit of the automobile and back end analytical systems at real time and reliably.

IOT Solutions:
Industrial & Home Automation

Akiro can concurrently connect to millions of devices publishing messages at milli-seconds resolution and move data to and from efficiently across networks and platforms.

Real time Push Notification & Messaging

Akiro can push messages to applications on mobile or any other devices through multiple channels like SMS ,mails etc securely. The platform can be extend to serve as a low latency and high throughput point-to-point messaging system for chat applications.

E commerce & Retail:
Real time Campaigns

Akiro platform has API’s for integrating thousands of click stream events generated while users transact online, with enterprise systems and delivering real time campaigns to users.

Akiro IoT

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